Selective Demolition


United Safety LLC has become a leader in the business of interior and selective demolition services. United Safety is positioned to handle both abatement and demolition in a turnkey manner that can minimize both schedule and cost to the client. United Safety LLC performed selective demolition in vacant and occupied properties including commercial, industrial facilities, hospitals, military bases, power plants, schools and universities, government institutions and the private sector.

With complete reliance on our existing internal labor force, we can successfully perform any type of interior or selective demolition project. It’s a requirement that our team understands the importance of managing a project with little to no disruption to the occupants of the building. Renovation projects involving the removal of interior walls and finishes often encounter asbestos and lead containing materials. This is why we use the same crews for demolition as we use for abatement and remediation because we believe interior and selective demolition is more technical than structural demolition.

United Safety LLC’s interior and selective demolition include: