Lead-Based Paint Removal


United Safety LLC’s professional lead abatement team has decades of experience with lead abatement removal and can safely perform stabilization and abatement on virtually any size lead clean up project. The lead removal remediation specialists employed by United Safety are experts in the chemical breakdown of various coatings containing lead and lead derivatives. Our workforce is completely trained in the proper removal, handling and disposal requirements for lead-based paint.

We utilize modern removal methods to decontaminate the affected areas such as abrasive blasting, chemical solvents, mechanical methods, and surface cleaning activities. Critical aspects involved in the cleanup of the lead containing materials include: proper preparation of the work area, erecting critical barriers, pre-cleaning of regulated areas, establishing negative pressure, proper removal of all lead-based paint or components following all federal, state, and local regulations, approved packaging in leak-tight containers that follow EPA-approved disposal guidelines, completely decontaminate the area where we are working, and at the customer’s request pass a 3rd party test to ensure that it is safe to be reoccupied.